Pancham Unmixed & Knowing Pancham (Collector’s Edition)

A priceless collection of over 5 hours of captivating interviews on RD Burman’s Life, Music and Magic in a specially designed edition, along with the National Award winning feature film, Pancham Unmixed and an all new Coffee Table Book, Diamonds & Rust


The Collector’s Edition Pack consists of:

1) PANCHAM UNMIXED – National Award Winning feature-length film evoking awe, admiration and nostalgia, continuing to enjoy an amazing response with cult & critical success. The film has been recognized as the most definitive film on RD Burman, who brought about a revolution in the popular music of its time, almost single-handedly. has enthralled audiences, music lovers and Pancham fans across the world.

2)KNOWING PANCHAM – Featuring people who knew him (RD Burman) best, worked with him and some from the newer generation who revere and interpret RD’s music perceptively, Knowing Pancham is an exciting collection of over 5 hours of priceless anecdotes, insights and observations.

3)DIAMONDS & RUST – A coffee table book which is an unusual and amazing tapestry of anecdotes, insights, observations and take-offs on RD Burman, the maverick Indian music composer.

NOTE – Apart from the physical copy, all the contents of this pack – the films and the book – will be made available in a digital downloadable format via email, also.


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