About Mobius HighLife

  • This is the first time that narrative or cinematic storytelling opens up to one and all … ordinary lives with extraordinary stories

  • This is the first time that everyone will have an opportunity to showcase themselves as a hero in their own life, work, family and society, in the form of a short, medium or long film

  • We see storytelling as a medium to inspire & leave an impact on individuals, families, institutions and companies with compelling stories tucked inside each of them in the form of impactful films and add happiness and value to people’s lives

Mobius HighLife

Mobius HighLife wants to see people with compelling stories tucked inside them to get personal films of any length made on them — films which are riveting, moving, insightful, inspirational and entertaining.

Mobius HighLife

Mobius HighLife revolutionizes personal filmmaking space by providing professional expertise to make films on successful and inspirational stories combining  storytelling and positioning skills to produce high quality films for individuals, families, companies and institutions.

Mobius HighLife Films will encapsulate films
belonging to the areas of:

Individual achievements stories (across fields of sports, business, arts, travel etc

From the first signs (dreams, desires, wishes) to the various unlikely twists, turns, bends, cost, frustrations, humiliations, dedications, efforts, hope, positivity, resilience etc. to the point where one tasted success … and the entire journey before and thereafter where demands, expectations and self-reference points keep changing

Family events like landmark birthdays, anniversaries, recognitions, etc.

If only you can convert this into a story, recorded and edited with impact and emotions, it becomes such a memorable and treasured film (it can be 7 minutes or 24 or 47 or 93 … depending on the scope. A lot of people shoot the occasion but not many do it for the occasion

Gift by proud parents to their children

Sometimes, it’s great fun to create a story out of your child’s talent … they grow up too soon and those precious recordable moments are forever lost no matter how much money you may want to spend, you may not be able to see these elements in the formative and promising phase … many of them will become masters at what they are passionate about and achieve excellence ..and then then these films becomes become even more valuable

Wedding Stories – films meant to be screened during the wedding

Most people, whether they spend much or little, record the event and then watch it for a lifetime. But we have ways to do a film which can become at the marriage, one of the major draws … as big as a Jaimaal or a sangeet or the feast … these include exploring who the bride and the groom are, what kind of person is one by dipping deep into their individual and sometimes, together journeys seen through the eyes of the closest and most important people in their lives

Sports, Music & other talent fields stories

Similar to the achievement stories elements mentioned above for that category. The magic lies in the way, we know, how to extract the best through interviews, memorabilia and a powerful edit. The efforts made, the hard work behind, the frustrations experienced, the laser beam focus increasingly intensified, we have a way to capture these and create stories that is not just a great story for you and your loved ones and admirers but for thousands others for whom you can be a role model

Entrepreneurial case studies

We think all the Business Schools and the IIMs would love to replace the important but pretty much unrelatable case studies that they keep on refereeing to from Harvard, Yale, Oxford and Cambridge Management Schools. Our own case studies, featuring phenomenal success under relatable conditions and with resonating reference points can be a big high for the person whose stories it is, for the Institutes that may want to make it as part of their curriculum and for the many next generations for whom these reference points may serve as a role model

Entrepreneur’s Positioning stories

Entrepreneurs need these films to show themselves with impact about who they are, their vision, mission, passion points, confidence, emotions and clarity — way more impactfully than they can do through a powerpoint presentation. It’s the best investment you can do to position yourself with clarity and impact for anything from a fund raising activity to aligning your team emotionally to various other reasons.

Relationship stories

These are the most beautiful ways to acknowledge your indebtedness to many people to whom you have not been able to … it looks back at your life with the high points and learnings related mostly with people, who might have helped you discover a life which you never could have. You can send these films to thank them, reconnect and discover an unusual wealth of people in your life and your relationship and gratitude for them

Gift for Parents by proud childreN

This is perhaps our most demanded and delightful category … where a son or a daughter wants us to make a film for their parents for their 70th, 60th year etc. It is a way in which you tell your parents what they always meant to you. These films carry a lifetime journey of togetherness and emotions that have remained unexpressed. These films have a tremendous capacity to mend relationships and bring families even closer.


There are many people who start living their lives only after they retire. Retirement gives them wings and it’s like a second innings which they want to enjoy and feel fulfilled. Increasingly, every now and then, there are competitions and contests sponsored by banks etc, for the senior citizens. Films like these make it easy to communicate your passion and achievements and also win awards and recognition

Travel Stories

There are many wonderful travellers … recount your travels, experiences, adventures and make a library of them … to be shared with your friends, family, children, grandchildren. Invariably, you will have photos and memorabilia etc … which will weave them into a memorable film. If you are contemplating a travel, we can suggest an approach accordingly to make things even more memorable and powerful

Profile for Education Institutes

Each Institute invariably starts with a dream and a vision and a madness to do something for others … This film captures that journey, vision and legacy in a powerful way with tons of materials already available and some specially shot for the film

Role model Doctors & other professionals

Every star professional in his or her own field has a journey that’s exciting for the rest of the world to know. For many, it can be a huge source of inspiration and learning. These are some of the finest minds of their time and of their fields … but no one knows how they grew into the phenomenal achiever that they did and their remarkable life journeys and insights and experiences

Landmark anniversaries of individuals / organizations / institutes

Companies that have thousands of employees, an education Institute which has thousands of students, a patriarch or matriarch of the family with 40 family members  … these completing their 50, 60, 75, 90, 100 etc is a remarkable opportunity to track down their story from the beginning and make everyone who needs to know, who the individual or the company is

Rewards for successful employees

These 5-10 minutes films can be such a booster to their collection whom the company wants to reward. In addition, it acts as a huge source of inspiration for others to match up to that and acquire a sense of fulfilment. It’s almost like, as young filmmakers, see an x, y or z person get an award, we get inspired and say to ourselves that one day, maybe, I will be there receiving the award … and then, finally, after some good work done, that becomes a reality

Brand Stories / Company Story

These form the core of the company DNA, different from a corporate film. We track the stories that resulted in the creation of the iconic brand and the company, its birth, infancy, teething troubles, innovations, landmark achievements, future plans and legacy. Our films will capture the soul of the company and the brand, unlike a corporate film that hardly serves a purpose any more than the website, meant for information

What will your film do?

insight, inspiration and impact

Your story is in the hands of professional and good storytellers, we reframe your personal narrative in a very unique way, to capture your life of purpose, meaning and beauty with the greatest insight, inspiration and impact possible.

maximum emotional connect

Our film on you will paint pictures behind the MISSION, PURPOSE & VISION … they are made interesting and gripping the way it is told, with the material it is told … how to weave in what, when and how for maximum emotional connect.

ignite countless dreams and ambitions

Our film on your life will ignite countless dreams and ambitions lying dormant in others, tickling the positive and possibility mindset inside us all.

BE PART OF A Global Inspiration Movement

In our National Heritage / Legacy Archive, it builds a Global Inspiration Movement, making it a part of educational content in schools, management and other institutes and HR circuit.

Why us?

  • Having mastered a certain kind of story-telling, which creates an emotional connect, impact and delight.
  • We have done plenty of such stories over the years, spreading much happiness amongst the subjects, those who got them made and the people to whom it reached.
  • We are passionate about bringing out Your story to prominence and not let it go unnoticed or untold. 
  • We believe that once we hear your story, we know how and what to extract and then, how to weave it into an entertaining story to bring out the hero in you. We believe there are too many unsung heroes who people don’t know much about simply because their stories and life journeys have not been explored. 
  • We have a vision, expertise, plan and capability to bring them out to millions of viewers

The process that we adopt of capturing
your story into a film are of many kinds


We have an expertise in digging deep into your back story and future story, both of which are often critical to connecting the dots in the best way possible and creating meaning to the vision, dreams and missions.


In the process, we will capture the core and the essence of what makes your heart sing. For, this is the foundation upon which your great story will be built.


Not linear, but exponential. Not a power-point presentation in bullet points filled with information but deeply emotional, insightful, transformative and impactful.


This film, of whatever length, is a way to discover yourself while entertaining and inspiring countless others. The length and depth will depend on the scope and need of your story.