Upcoming Web Series

The Rise & Fall of INDIPOP

A Non-Fictional Series by Brahmanand S Siingh

A 12-part, 45 minutes Web-series on how India developed a domestic POP MUSIC market, who the stars were & why it collapsed … And all the multi-layered anecdotes, stories and insights in between. A parallel industry established on the grounds of freshness, peppiness, a lot of skin display, remix mantra and escapism which most main-stream cinema music could not provide at that point of time with the same finesse. But it’s also a story of how it collapses under its own weight and no one seems to have even noticed this sudden demise!! It’s interesting how Bollywood made space for this industry and then consumed it itself and today's songs and dances on the screen, mostly, are nothing but music videos - the same music videos that INDIPOP ushered in

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A new web series by Brahmanand S Siingh

Featuring many who worked with him, along with many Pancham fans and scholars,alongside the finest minds from diverse fields, The Pancham Legacy series will keep on uncovering the huge legacy that RD Burman has left behind.

The series will keep on exploring stories, anecdotes, reflections, insights and ideas around Pancham Da’s creations by understanding, interpreting and reinterpreting RD’s creations in a way that creates a Meta-Pancham Awareness. The series takes us beyond Pancham and helps us benefit not just in our musical understanding of his creations but in all walks of life … creativity, leadership, innovation, lateral thinking, productivity, quality management, man management, emotional intelligence, secrets of excellence and much more, generating newer perspectives, deeper insights and effervescent inspirations in a special and unique way!

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A series by Brahmanand S Siingh

Kindness and compassion are among the principal values that make our lives meaningful and often, are a source of much more lasting happiness and joy than a mere accumulation of wealth or a deceptive, misplaced, false and vain sense of glory, power, success and fame. Sensitive, engaging, delightful, beautiful and inspiring incidents happen in the life of our central character.

When one person chooses to act with heart towards anything … person, creature, society, nature … the world changes around. The most profound experiences of kindness take place when we are at our most vulnerable — when we are in trouble, distress, ailing, or distraught and troubled. At the end, it’s all about making our own difference to the world and to the lives of ours and to others.

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A film by Brahmanand S Siingh

Johanna, an ambitious lawyer, falls for her opponent, Shaantanu. The Indian lawyer is fighting the multinational she represents, holding them responsible for the suicide of 200.000 farmers in India. Defending the giant is her passion and her job, but falling for Shaantanu is her and his worst undoing.

Will they survive the net of intrigues, laid out by the corporation? Will they be able to face their own truth between their haunting pasts and daunting present?

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A web-series by Brahmanand S Siingh

Structurally and stylistically, we will keep exploring the landmark and defining phases of RD Burman’s life, bringing out the person that he was behind his memorable creations! Through his countless song and life-stories, we keep getting into the arc of his career and life which ruled the industry, went out of sync and came back triumphantly before becoming immortal in his death through the sheer quality of his timeless creations.

While 80% of the story is RD Burman’s, along with it, the two characters, Gaurav and Sangeet play a pivotal role in adding a zing and a character to the entire thing that will resonate with the millennials. The ups and downs that we find Sangeet go through as a budding music composer, we find parallels of it in Panchamda’s life-story, something that she wakes up to and starts resonating with after having rejected his connection for a very long time. It will also have plenty of song-stories and anecdotes and the characters which we will weave into the screenplay in order to make it a gripping entertainer.