About Mobius Biopics

  • Bring country’s most compelling figures to life in 75-90 minutes interestingly woven biographies, which are entertaining, educational and inspirational

  • Unique perspective, understanding and presentation of Country’s inspirational Icons from various spheres of life, who have influenced our generation

  • Viewers, thus, will spend their time in the company of greatness and charm in a very special way

Mobius HighLife

  • Showcase biographies of Icons whose lives have become huge in their own ways.
  • Usher in a whole new era of transformational entertainment in the country through these well-researched, grippingly-told and well-presented biographies..Collaborate, create, co-create and contribute to make this world a better place than we inherited it.

Mobius HighLife

Mobius HighLife revolutionizes personal filmmaking space by providing professional expertise to make films on successful and inspirational stories combining  storytelling and positioning skills to produce high quality films for individuals, families, companies and institutions.

What will it do to others?

Greatly Impact and Influence generations and give people big role models by detailing their lives in an emotional and experiential sort of way.

In the corporate sector, adds vocabulary and value to our HRDs by becoming our own case studies of Indian success stories

Builds a National Inspirational and Heritage Archive

Changes the way Entertainment segment sees Docu Bios

Changes the way Education segment sees entertainment

Changes the way Inspirational, real-life entertainment is viewed in this country

Why us?

  • We make authentic, soulful films with deep connects, insights and emotions

  • We have a proven Track Record of docu biopics which have been hugely appreciated

  • We have a huge Goodwill & Following in the biopics space

  • We are passionate to make a difference to people’s lives through transformational entertainment

  • We have a vision, expertise, plan and capability to bring them out to millions of viewers