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Riding On A Sunbeam (Digital Version)

Riding on a Sunbeam: Journeys through Space, Time, Life and Love … is a special and exciting travel film that follows Mauktik Kulkarni (an Engineer turned Neuroscience student turned Zen traveller) and Sammy Jo (a Berkeley undergrad taking a gap semester) … in an unconventional touristy way all in a digital version.

Playfully, abundantly and on occasions, acutely, they explore the contradictions of our Indian society with interesting perspectives … exploring economically developed places alongside backward regions, staunchly nationalistic mind sets side by side with the insurgency prone pockets and the socially conservative elements that co-exist with countless liberal lifestyles … All within the same India.

Through smaller stories experienced throughout with the eyes of the two protagonists … Mauktik, who now turns to his own country and Sammy, who has never seen India before. The film creates a mosaic of India that is at once exhilarating, reflective, enchanting and laughable … in a way that has rarely been seen before.

NOTE – The film will be made available in a digital downloadable format via email.


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