Divya Dutta soaking in the peace of the Ganga at Mirzapur (BCCL)

Actor Divya Dutta says the experience of shooting for the film Jhalki in Mirzapur till a few days ago is one she will never forget. “It’s such a serene place,” says the actor who’s now back in Mumbai. Divya, along with actors Boman IraniSanjay Suri and Tanishtha Chatterji shot for National Award winning director Brahmanand Singh’s film ‘Jhalki’ in Mirzapur, near Varanasi, for more than a week. “Boman Irani plays Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi in the film. I am playing Sanjay Suri’s wife in this movie which is the story of a little girl who goes searching for her missing younger brother,” says Divya, adding, “You know there are some roles which are a breeze and this was one such role. I hardly had to do anything other than play a pretty wife to Sanjay. It’s a very real life kind of role but it was a hectic shoot.”

And though Divya enjoyed shooting in Mirzapur, it was the heat that got to her. “Arre it was so hot! We were shooting in intense heat and the temperature used to go up to more than 45 degrees. Mumbai mein rehkar I am not used to this heat now. Magar kaam toh karna hi tha. But I loved the place. It was as if time stood still there. Log aaraam se baithe hain, kahin jaane ki ya kuch karne ki koi jaldi nahi unhe. Dukaano mein baithe baat kar rahe hain jabki kisi ko kuch nahi khareedna hai. Life seemed so much at peace there. Divya further adds, “This kind of rubs on you also perhaps that’s why I also felt so much at peace there,” says Divya, adding, “That’s the beauty of a small place. Life takes its own pace. We are so used to running around at all places all the time ki hamein time ka hi nahi pata rehta. Suddenly it shakes you up and you also take on that pace. I don’t know how to explain it but it was lovely.”

Divya posted a few pictures of the Ganga on her Facebook account and telling us more about it she says, “I really wanted to go for a boat ride in Ganga. But our schedule was so hectic that we just weren’t being able to manage it. One day we got off a bit early so I just packed up and told my director ki aaj mujhe Ganga pe sunset dekhna hi hai. And it was so beautiful. On another night we were supposed to go boating after pack up, but that didn’t happen. So at 1.30am when we packed up, I went with my staff and just sat on the banks of the Ganga. I said I have to see the Ganga at night. And I can’t tell you what an experience it was. It was ethereal. It was an unforgettable experience.”