Ashutosh Gowariker

When I saw the film I just couldn’t believe at first! My first reaction was that here is a music director who I know only because of his music. I am now getting an insight to the man by so many people who have worked with him. I thought the film had a hold on my heart, on my mind as I watched it. And what came to  my mind immediately , which was what I had said to you (to Brahmanand S Siingh) , that for generations this film will always be a reference point because every generation that is coming in, which is blossoming and mushrooming, they’re all becoming fans of RD Burman. And they are just reacting to his songs. To his music. So this film will kind of bridge the gap for that and I think we’ll be eternally debted to you. As your name suggests you have actually given us the ‘Supreme Anand’, the Supreme Happiness. So I congratulate you once again and thank you for making me a part of this.

Bhawana Somaaya

I’m so proud that I know Brahmanand Singh and he has made such a beautiful film.  I’ve seen his R. D. Burman film and it really filled me with so much joy and I’m so glad he made this film. It is such a sincere film and the director does full justice to the subject and everybody connected to him… speaks so freely and emotionally and I get to see so many sides of Jagjit Singh that I didn’t know, I just knew him as a singer.


Aisa lag raha hai ki unke kisi concert mein baithe hue the and he was like singing live in front of us, talking to us and talking about himself. It was, this whole 2 hours of this film Brahmanand ji has made is like, it’s like a conversation with Mr. Jagjit Singh and spending time with him.

Kailash Satyarthi, Nobel Peace Laureate, at Delhi Trial Screening​

Jhalki is a journey of hope, optimism, courage &; self-belief.

Boman Irani, Actor

This film conveys a huge message, of compassion and of courage!


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