Further In Line

RUMI’S SECRET A film by Brahmanand S Siingh

A bored housewife Azalea, of Indian origin, feels empty despite her comfortable suburban life in Toronto, Canada. Sweet Blasphemy, the novel she is asked to appraise for her new job, introduces her to Sufism and has life-changing consequences. The novel tells the story of a 13th-century wandering Persian Sufi Dervish, Shams of Tabriz, and of his inspirational relationship with Rumi, one of the greatest poets of the Sufi canon.

The way Rumi was transformed from being a respected Koranic scholar to a dervish weaving poetry, the mythic and the miraculous, practiced through poetry, music and dance, Azalea finds in it, contextual parallels with her own life and goes on getting deeper with her bonding with both – the writer of the novel, Aziz, and with Shams and Rumi, interweaving their combined quest for beauty, love and fulfilment in everyday life.

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THE DREAM TELLER A film by Brahmanand S Siingh

Rakhi, a single mother, artist and tea-shop owner living in Berkeley, California, is struggling to keep her footing with her family and with a world in alarming transition. Her mother, Mrs Gupta, is a dream teller, born with the ability to share and interpret the dreams of others, to foresee and guide them through the unseen … a gift of vision that fascinates Rakhi.

After her mother’s death, Rakhi and her father discover her mother’s dream journals and it’s a new world of insight into her mother’s life as well as into each other’s, especially as the bonds begin to thicken between the father and the daughter. As recompense, Rakhi finds unexpected blessings: the possibility of new love and understanding for her family.

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QAWWALI – A SOULFUL FLIGHT – A film by Brahmanand S Siingh

What is the power of this musical genre called Qawwali? How does it express itself, revealing to the seeker realms beyond his knowledge? What is the essence of this shared musical experience? What are the distinctive features of Qawwali music, the charged ambience of the various Sufi shrines where it is performed, the belief system behind its mystic bearings and the kitschy glamorization we have seen in popular films? This soulful flight is is one of its kind.

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BITTEN APPLE - A film by Supavitra Babul

Bitten Apple is the journey of Rohan, a 9-year old boy, reclaiming his full-bodied missing

childhood from the grip of an overpowering native digital childhood. Rohan is taken to his grandmother’s farmhouse for his vacations. For Rohan, it seems like the end of the world – NO phone signal, NO WiFi and NO electricity to even charge his gadgets.

Amidst all this chaos and misery in his head, enters into his life, Shakila, an angelic shepherd girl, almost his age but grown up in rural environs. She takes Rohan onto multiple mini-journeys, which helps him gradually to start enjoying those very things that he earlier despised and which he thought was possible only on gadgets.

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SEEDHA RAASTA TEEDHI CHAAL - A film by Brahmanand S Siingh

Set against the backdrop of an idyllic Health Spa, where lives and stories get seamlessly intertwined and play out a small portion of the human condition in the form of a light and entertaining comedy.

Through the individual stories of a pretty nurse and her motor-mechanic boyfriend, an oddball gynaecologist, a charming ex-army guy (at once saint and Don Juan), a popular rock star and his beautiful but obsessively jealous wife, a disillusioned urbanite about to start a new life in his village and his young woman ward at the Spa, their lives interweave and oscillate between the sublime and the ridiculous, this comedy of erotic possibilities makes us see the world we inhabit, with a blasphemous lightness.