Our Vision

  • Showcase biographies of Icons whose lives have become huge in their own ways.
  • Usher in a whole new era of transformational entertainment in the country through these well-researched, grippingly-told and well-presented biographies.
  • Collaborate, create, co-create and contribute to make this world a better place than we inherited it.

Our Mission

Re-defining the transformational entertainment space in India, by telling the exciting and uplifting stories of the most admired dreamers the country has ever seen.

About Mobius Biopics

  • Bring country’s most compelling figures to life in 75-90 minutes interestingly woven biographies, which are entertaining, educational and inspirational
  • Unique perspective, understanding and presentation of Country’s inspirational Icons from various spheres of life, who have influenced our generation
  • Viewers, thus, will spend their time in the company of greatness and charm in a very special way

What will it do to others

  • Greatly Impact and Influence generations and give people big role models by detailing their lives in an emotional and experiential sort of way. 
  • Changes the way Inspirational, real-life entertainment is viewed in this country
  • Builds a National Inspirational, Heritage Archive
  • Changes the way Entertainment segment sees Docu Bios
  • Changes the way Education segment sees entertainment
  • In the corporate sector, adds vocabulary and value to our HRDs by becoming our own case studies of Indian success stories

Why us?

  • We make authentic, soulful films with deep connects, insights and emotions
  • We have a proven Track Record of docu biopics which have been hugely appreciated
  • We have a huge Goodwill & Following in the biopics space
  • We are passionate to make a difference to people’s lives through transformational entertainment


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