Surmayee Shaam

Srikant Joshi is an archaeologist of national stature who works as a curator at a museum. Something about his own childhood, his marriage, his work, his family and above all, his own passions, is going awry. He has lost his prestigious job, messed up with his already complicated family and is at a breaking point of his relationship with his son — the one person he has loved so much but never managed to communicate so. Now, it seems, he’s gradually losing his even more compelling love, his memory. It’s the onset of Alzheimer’s, the insidious slow killer of all memories. What until recently seemed solid fact is melting into surreal dreams & imaginings that he always thought were so real, only in a different way.

Is there anything he’ll be able to salvage from this wreckage? Maybe nothing at all … Or, perhaps … memories of beauty … the sight of sunset … and perhaps, the recognition of love.

Surmayee Shaam, in the form of an engaging story of family relationships with each other, and the son coming home, is a deeply engaging foray into the mind that reveals the essence of the man who is still there, fighting for his dignity as a human being, in spite of his memory degeneration. Surmayee Shaam brings forward a stunning composition of human fragility and intensity in a way that’s inspirational and uplifting.