Mobius  Biopics

Under the series Mobius Biopics, Brahmanand S Siingh has a vision of bringing out the lives of icons that continue to rule our minds and hearts. Siingh believes that it is his payback time to the nation, which is full of icons from various walks of life — from movie stars to sports heroes to painters to dancers, writers, musicians, scientists, thinkers, business entrepreneurs — whose dramatic and inspirational stories are crying out to be told.

To create these extensively-researched, grippingly-told and well-presented Biopics, Siingh is in the process of identifying the most admired dreamers the country has ever seen, especially those who have become inspiration to countless millions, energizing us all with their fascinating stories and in finding ways to reach their life stories to the public domain.

The stupendous success of his critically acclaimed, National Award-winning biography, Pancham Unmixed, on the life and times of legendary composer, RD Burman is a testimony to his grip and understanding of a particular style of storytelling of biographies.