Dream Teller

Dream Teller –a film by Brahmanand S Singh

The Dream Teller is the story of Rakhi, living in California, coming to grips with her emotional longings, losses and voids by deciphering her mother’s mysterious life as a dream teller. In the process of weaving mysticism with reality, The Dream Teller reveals hidden truths about the world we live in, with an exciting perspective.

Rakhi, single mother, artist and tea-shop owner living in Berkeley, California, is struggling to keep her footing with her family and with a world in alarming transition. Her mother, Mrs Gupta, is a dream teller, born with the ability to share and interpret the dreams of others, to foresee and guide them through the unseen, a gift of vision that fascinates Rakhi. Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Rakhi longs to learn the stories of her mother’s life in India, but Mrs. Gupta would never share any of it with anyone.

When Rakhi has an exhibition at a prestigious art gallery, opening night brings in exciting guests, collectors and patrons, including a mysterious man in white she had observed earlier in a eucalyptus grove, a figure that seems to hold the key to many mysteries in need of unlocking. The opening, however, turns into a disaster, partially at least, due to Rakhi’s bitter reaction towards her ex-husband Sonny, for turning up for the show and due to Jona’s (her six year old girl) noisy tantrums. Rakhi doesn’t meet her mystery man in flowing white.